Product Description

Nijrang introduces Tension Control System for Precise tension & torque control solution in Web Converting Industries. The system automatically controls tension during manufacturing & various treatment process of Paper, Film, Foil, BOPP, Polyester, Rubber, Fabric and so on. When a web of these materials is unwound or rewound, Web Tension must be maintained at a Constant Level to prevent wrinkles, sags, changes in width or thickness or breakage of the web. In printing process Variable Tension causes a web to stretch or shrink,causing out registration. These problems necessitate tension control system. So by maintaining uniform tension during any process quality can be improved with higher production & lower wastage.

Different types of system available like powder brake with load cell feedback, D.C. Motor based & A.C. Motor based tension control system. The system is useful for any winding or unwinding application for any kind of material & any type of machines for different processes.