Tuber(Center Pasting) Machine

//Tuber(Center Pasting) Machine
  • Woven Sack Cutting with Twist Gusset Machine

Tuber(Center Pasting) Machine

This is a center pasting i.e. Sheet tube making machine. Fabric can be pasted through hot melt adhesive or through extrusion of polymers. Material is folded as per requirement & Passes through former and online gusset which ultimately cuts in a piece as per size. Thus flat fabric is converted into Gusseted Bag. This machine can eliminate the problem of front & back machine for reverse printed BOPP Bag. It also gives smart look of the Bag. Photo cell is provided for printed Bag. This could be a smart choice to make a small bag. Folder is designed in such a way that pasting can be moved anywhere in the bag without changing any size or forming plate.

Product Description

Optional Feature

  • Tension Controller for un-winder
  • On-line D-Punch
  • Micro Perforation


  • BOPP Printed Bag
  • Paper Bag
  • Non-Woven Bag


  • Zero – Zero front & back Matching
  • Smart Look of Printed bag
  • Replacement of L- Stitch bag
  • Best choice to make small bags
  • High Bonding strength
  • Accurate Pasting
  • Easy to operate
  • No Size Variation of Bag


Model Length Width Finish
Connected Load Main Motor Control System Dimension
(L x W x H)
WTG 50-1200 1500 1500 45* 8.5 KW A.C SERVO 7500 x 3000 x 2700 2000 Kg


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