As a leader in Industrial plastic packaging machinery supplier India, Nijrang Group has been setting trends and raising the bar in terms of quality production, and customer service both in India and abroad for over 20 years now. The success of Nijrang group comes from a mix of passion, commitment, teamwork and dedication towards technology and clients. The company has ambitious plans for the future and continues to grow at a rapid pace acquiring more clients from all over the globe.

Reputed plastic packaging machine manufacturer in India, Nijrang group, predicted the extensive usage of plastic packaging and the potential of this industry two decades ago, and ever since with its business acumen has been developing machines that are cost effective, highly efficient and qualitative for businesses of all sizes and shapes. The team at Nijrang group among packaging machinery manufacturers is highly efficient, understands the dynamic ever changing business requirements.

Nijrang group as a top woven sack machinery supplier India, among other industrial packaging machinery, enjoys the loyalty of an enviable list of clients from across the country and also from abroad, the company has been able to achieve this trust with its quality and customer.

Reasons That Make Nijrang Group, The Preferred Plastic Packaging Equipment Manufacturer India:     

  • Accurate: Nijrang manufacturers the make the most precise and accurate machines for your requirement. Accuracy helps in reducing the wastage of resources, and time.
  • Wide variety: our extensive business knowledge helps us to develop machines for any requirements, today plastic packaging is used in a wide range of industries, and we can develop machines to suit exactly your needs in any industry.
  • Customization: we understand every industry has a specific packaging needs, and requirement, as packaging is used extensively from food processing to pharmaceutical industry not one type machine suits every industry packaging requirements, we make customized machines to suit your specific requirements.
  • Strong and Robust Machines: Value for money, is something we always believed in, and have been providing for the last 20 years. We build strong and robust machines for durability; we understand you make a considerable investment in the machinery and would want good value for your investments.
  • Customer service: As a company dedicated to its customers and value your business with us, we provide quality services to ensure our customers not only get machines of high quality but also provide service in installation etc and constantly strive to improve quality, better ourselves and provide much better performing machines.

The commitment of Nijrang industry towards its clients, and innovation, improvements in quality have led to developing some of the finest and robust machines, a brief list of Nijrang   quality industrial plastic packaging machinery is:

Nijrang group has a team that is technically superior and dedicated to providing its customer with better products from time to time.  We understand the importance of innovation, and amazing customers with our service to be able to survive in the industry for a longer period of time, also this has helped us to withstand the fierce competition and emerge leaders for the past 20 years, and we continue to do so.