As packaging is very important for every product, the demand for machinery used in industrial packaging is increasing by the day. Food business to clothing or even technology industry packaging is required in every business. Packaging protects the product from a possible damage and thus saves losses to business. Therefore it becomes highly important to choose machinery that is of high quality that helps in keeping the products secure in its original state once it is produced.

Different products have different packaging needs and they need different types of machines to fulfill these specific packaging needs. Different types of packaging materials are used from boxes to bottles. As such for outer packaging needs forming, cleaning and sealing machinery is available. For internal packaging machinery like filling, wrapping etc are available. Industrial packaging machinery can be classified as automatic, semi – automatic etc.

Different types of industrial packaging machinery are:

  • Side Sealing Machinery: Side sealing can be a 3 or 4 way side sealing used in a variety of industries from food to pharmaceuticals. They can be fully automatic machines; they help in high quality packaging without folds working with re tractable films.
  • Pouch Making Machinery: Working with various films materials and produce high quality bags and pouches with storage capacity and are also heat resistant. They are used for packaging in a wide variety of industries ranging from food industry to the medical industry.
  • Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machinery: This type of packaging is used in industries where fine matter is produced; such machinery produces packaging, bags that help the product keep intact and doesn’t let it ooze out. Care is also taken to avoid any leakage of material from the packages. Different types of packaging include hdpe woven bags, pp woven bags, pp woven fabrics etc.
  •  Twist & Gusset Machines: These machines are used for producing side gusset, gusset and shift gusset for woven bags.
  • Extrusion Lamination: It is used as a coating for pp extruded film lamination or ldpe on woven bags and sacks, bopp, knotted bags, aluminum foil and has uses in many varied industries.

Apart from all these machinery there are many other machines like sarvo driven bottom cutting and sealing machines, digital line guide system, web aligner, tension control system, opener re winder machines etc in the market catering to the packaging needs of many industries.

Packaging is an art, science and a great marketing technique that could help your business success. To achieve this goal it is important to use industrial packaging machinery that helps you pack your products clean, neat and secure which helps in preventing leakages, wastages, spoilage and also makes your products look more attractive. Before purchasing or installing machinery it is highly important to make sure that the manufacturer of the industrial packaging machinery is reputed, has good experience in making such machines.

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