PE Coating, Extrusion coating and lamination and poly coating machine help cut and mold material like plastics into a desired shape or form. These machines are mostly used in industries for making materials used for packaging goods, and lamination of packages etc. Packages are most widely used everywhere today. They make our lives easy and simple.

Every product comes in a beautiful and attractive package, identifying the importance of packaging, marketing gurus’ call packaging one of the important pillars or formulae of marketing strategy. Of the many materials used to make such packages plastics take a lead, though wood, paper, etc are also used.

With the advancement of technology many mechanical, electrical and computerized machines and methodologies have come into existence to make the process of cutting, shaping the plastics, paper, etc easy. PE Coating, Extrusion coating, lamination and poly coating machines are all done using this machine for plastic packs, and bag making process.

It is very important that before investing in these machines, you understand the technology and the processes of the machine, its requirements and other such information, which helps you operate and manage the machines to make the best of the investment.

Some Useful Information about The PE Coating, Extrusion & Laminating Process:

In the process of extrusion coating the resin is made into a thin foil or film after melting using heat. This melted film is then coated onto the required substance which could be paper, plastic or any packaging material. This substance then passes through multiple coating rotators so that it is completely coated, with strong contact.

In extrusion lamination, two or more substances are being laminated using extrusion coated layer; this process is also called sandwich lamination. Additional layer is added to extrusion coating here, and to make it stick firm, this process is done when the coating is still hot, and then using pressure rolls they are pressed together.

As this machinery, PE Coating machine, Extrusion coating and lamination machines and poly coating machines, play an important role in marketing and branding of your company products, it is highly important to choose the right machine that fulfills your business needs and also helps you get better returns on your investments. Machinery that is easy to install, has low maintenance expenditure, easy to operate are some of the factors to be considered before making a purchase decision.

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